Your Partner In Overcoming Social Determinants of Health

Social Health Bridge leads the way in bridging the gap between healthcare and community organizations to deliver a better approach in tackling social determinants of health – resulting in improved health outcomes for the individuals and communities our partners serve.




As more organizations realize the health impact of non-medical barriers like food insecurity, housing instability/homelessness, unemployment, and lack of access to transportation, they are looking for the most efficient way to address these challenges.

That’s where Social Health Bridge comes in. We make it easier for healthcare and community organizations to work together – to create sustainable, long-lasting impact.

By applying best practices from decades of breaking down silos, we help remove burdensome and time-consuming collaboration obstacles like different terminology, dissimilar funding structures, administrative complexity, lack of payment arrangements, and capacity limitations.

Social Health Bridge doesn’t believe that donations or surface-level interventions are enough to address social determinants – we work hand-in-hand with our partners to design programs that truly solve the need. 

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