About Social Health Bridge

Social Health Bridge TrustTM leverages Centene Corporation’s local approach, national scale, and 30+ years of experience collaborating across sectors to address social barriers to health. We power partnerships, enabling the healthcare system and community-based organizations to achieve the promise of improved health and quality of life for the communities they serve.

Social Health Bridge simplifies and accelerates the local partnerships needed to meaningfully and sustainably tackle the social determinants of health. We work across the healthcare system with entities such as physicians, hospital systems, accountable care organizations (ACO), payers, and health departments, to bring data-driven and evidence-based approaches to addressing social determinants of health ultimately creating sustainable local solutions to some of the nation's greatest social challenges.

Our evidence-based programs produce measurable results and deliver local solutions that improve health, reduce healthcare costs, promote sustainable change, and create an easy way to engage with a traditionally fragmented healthcare and community services ecosystems.

Comprehensive needs call for a comprehensive approach

Scalability - Sustainability - Value