What We Do

As a true community solution, Social Health Bridge brings together healthcare and community-based organizations to achieve common goals in a mutually beneficial way. We make it easier for both sectors to collaborate and proactively identify and address SDoH risks, develop outcomes-driven programs, and meet individuals where they are to improve health, quality of life, and overall wellbeing.

Social Health Bridge enables this work by bridging the divide to:

  • Aggregate social determinants needs
  • Create scale for both sides of the equation
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Deliver a standard product
  • Enable value-based contracting

Social Health Bridge brings together dedicated, high-impact partners and helps them align and amplify their efforts to address complex social determinants of health for the individuals and communities they serve.

How Healthcare Entities Benefit

When healthcare entities partner with us, we help them to proactively identify and address SDoH risks using agile and outcomes-driven programs tailored to their populations by providing:

  • Simplified way of engaging multiple CBOs
  • Standardized performance and outcomes data for each CBO
  • Realized health goals from addressing SDoH barriers
  • Established partner ready to share savings and risk

How Community Organizations Benefit

We help develop value-based revenue streams for community-based organizations enabling them to increase their capacity and expand their services by offering:

  • Funding for services from healthcare organizations and funders not previously received
  • A single, easy way to engage with the fragmented healthcare ecosystem
  • Differentiation when seeking grants or other funding
  • Collaboration opportunities with other CBOs

The result? Positive health outcomes and improved quality of life for the individuals and communities our partners serve.

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